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UPSC CSE Mains examination is conducted after Prelims examination and can be taken by canditates who pass the Prelims examination successfully.

There are total 9 papers, each of them being subjective in nature. There are two qualifying papers (Paper A & B) of a regional language and English, in which the candidate has to mandatorily pass, but the marks are not counted towards the final ranking. 

The candidate is allowed to pick any one language from the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution or English as the medium for writing the mains examination. There is one essay paper, four general studies paper, and two papers of an optional subject chosen by the candidate - each of the paper carried 250 marks. The marks of these papers as well as the personality test (of 275 marks) is added for the final merit list. The personality test is conducted for students who successfully qualify the Mains examination. 


Check out the syllabus of All the papers and Personality Test


Paper Marks Details
Paper A - Language 300 Indian Language Paper (Qualifying nature)
Paper B - English 300 English Language Paper (Qualifying nature)
Paper 1 - Essay 250  
Paper 2 - General Studies I 250 Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society
Paper 3 - General Studies II 250 Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations
Paper 4 - General Studies III 250 Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management
Paper 5 - General Studies IV 250 Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
Paper 6 - Optional Paper 1 250 More details here
Paper 7 - Optional Paper 2 250 More details here
Internview/Personlity Test 275 Candidate can give preference of the language in which they may like to be interviewed. UPSC will make arrangement for the translators.
Total 2025 250*7 + 275 = 2025


The list of languages allowed to write the examination in, apart from English, are given below:


Language Script
Assamese Assamese
Bengali Bengali
Gujarati Gujarati
Hindi Devanagari
Kannada Kannada
Kashmiri Persian
Konkani Devanagari
Malayalam Malayalam
Manipuri Bengali
Marathi Devanagari
Nepali Devanagari
Odia Odia
Punjabi Gurmukhi
Sanskrit Devanagari
Sindhi Devanagari or Arabic
Tamil Tamil
Telugu Telugu
Urdu Persian
Bodo Devanagari
Dogri Devanagari
Maithili Devanagari
Santhali Devanagari or Olchiki *




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