UPSC CSE Physics Optional Book List

Physics Syllabus
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Based on the UPSC CSE Physics Optional Syllabus for UPSC Civil Services Examination, following books are recommended.

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Topic Books
Mechanics An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow
Mechanics by D S Mathur
Special Relativity Theory of Relativity by Goyal and Gupta
Introduction to Special Relativity by Robert Resnick
Optics A Text Book of Optics by Brijlal and Subrahmanyam
Optics by Ghatak Ajoy
Electrodynamics & EM Theory Electricity & Magnetism by Satyaprakash
Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J Griffiths
Thermal & Statistical Physics Garg, Bansal and Ghosh
P.K. Chakravarty
Satya Prakash, Singhal & Agrawal
Quantum Mechanics H.C. Verma
Quantum Mechanics: Theory and Applications by S. Lokanathan and Ajoy Ghatak
Quantum Mechanics by Mourdine Zettler
Atomic and Molecular Physics Atomic & Molecular Spectra by Rajkumar
Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy by Banwell
Nuclear and Particle Physics Nuclear Physics by SB Patel
Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur Beiser
Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics Solid State Physics by S.O. Pillai
Solid State Physics by Puri R.K and V. K. Babbar
Electronics by B L Theraja




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